Commercial Property Design Trends in 2016

trendy_office_spaceCommercial interior designing is trickier than home remodeling. The focus of home renovation is on customer choices, preferences, and personality. However, the focus of commercial property remodeling is primarily on the business goals.

Some common trends are predicted to rule the sky of commercial property designing and remodeling. Have a look on the most popular commercial property design trends in 2016.

Use of Deep and Reflecting Tones

White is no longer an ideal color for commercial properties. However, you can make combinations of white with catchy and bright colors like red and orange.

Many offices prefer wide French windows for extracting the benefits of nature for the employees. If you want to blend natural attraction with work environment, then low and cooling tones like beige and brown in textured and patterned tiles would be a good choice.

 Eco-Friendly Buildings

The corporate sector is all set to embrace the pressure of meeting environmental obligations. Many organizations have already converted into eco-friendly infrastructure and some organizations are already in the process.

Some important eco-friendly commercial property remodeling trends include more use of glass in external frames, placement of air-cleaning plants in corridors and offices, installation of solar energy panels, and reduction in energy-consuming equipments like replacement of desktop computers with laptops.

Installation of photovoltaic glass is also a primary commercial property design trend in 2016. A photovoltaic glass is future-seeking material incorporated with next generation solar cells that make a building self-sufficient in energy production.

Collaborative Design

Modern organizations encourage intra-organizational communication and believe in the power of corporate unity. Collaborative commercial designs improve the flow of constant communication and interaction and allow the commercial space to operate as transparent panels. Full-scale refurbishments are not necessary for transforming into collaborative designs. Just a few alterations like replacement of cubicles with attached workstations are enough.

Quirky Designing

The commercial real estate has taken quirky designing as a gift from home remodeling, which has now shifted to classic European designing. Quirky designing involves including any attractive theme or design in office space that may or may not match the overall theme. However, it needs right professional knowledge to blend quirky designs with overall commercial theme.

Smart Buildings

Installation of WiFi is just one of the obvious facilities in work environment. Smart buildings or intelligent buildings are emerging technology that has taken almost a quarter of the century to come into physical form. These futuristic designs include an automatic fire and security system with amazing ease of data sharing and transferring. The smart buildings comprise of three key components including hardware, software, and network.

Luxury Services

The commercial real estate has become more flexible in recent years. Gym, spa, hotel, rest room, medical facility room, and other such facilities are not included in luxury corporate services in 2016.

The corporate sector has always talked about three key assets – cash, bonds, and stocks. Commercial real estate and office design is the fourth asset to demonstrate the capital sources, corporate transparency, and quality of services of an organization.

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Garage Unlimited Monterey is More Than 50% Reserved


Garage Unlimited Monterey is a unique car and storage solution – condos you own!

Conveniently located in Ryan Ranch – 10 Ryan Court, Monterey.

Opening Fall 2016

Pre-Construction incentives available now at

For more information: Ernie Lostrom – 831-646-1000

Gift Giving In A Whole New Way – Garage Unlimited Monterey


Give the Gift of a Garage for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, television advertising is showing us numerous scenes of people getting new cars as gifts — complete with a red bow on top.

While those ads can be appealing, here’s an idea that may be even more appreciated: give your spouse a garage this year. And don’t worry about putting a bow on it.

You may think we jest, but consider this. Most people likely have some sort of vehicle to drive. A newer model is always nice. But for a growing number of homeowners and apartment dwellers, finding a safe, secure place to park your cars out of the wind, rain and sun — and away from birds or the damaging salt air — can be much more difficult.

A Ho – Ho – Whole Lot of Stored Stuff

Take a close look at your garage (if you have one). What do you see? Is it stuffed fuller than a Christmas stocking with things not related in any way to your vehicles?

In many garages, you’ll find tax records, work files, furniture and furnishings from a college apartment or a second home, boxes of holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, lawn mowers and gardening tools, train sets, exercise equipment, bicycles, paddleboards, camping gear, and more. Everything except your cars.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

This year, give a gift that will be appreciated week after week for years to come. Garage Unlimited of Montereyoffers unique garage condos that are perfect for that car guy or gal, avid hobbyist, or anyone who has always wanted a private retreat where he or she can spend time with friends.

At Garage Unlimited, you’ll find Monterey area car and storage condos ranging from about 750 sq. ft. to 1,775 sq. ft. of space. These roomy garages with ceiling heights of up to 26 feet and roll-up doors of nearly 14 feet are ideal for:

    • Storing or working on valuable cars or motorcycles
    • Parking a luxury motor coach or boat
    • Keeping business items or important papers safe and secure
    • Storing beds, sofas, dressers, desks, or other household furnishings and personal


  • Indulging in hobbies such as model railroading or slot car racing

…And May Keep on Growing

Some presents don’t even last through Christmas day. Even new cars begin losing their value as soon as you take them out on the road. But because these Monterey garage storage units arecar and storage condos — not a traditional rented self-storage unit — there’s a good chance that like other real estate investments in the Monterey Bay area, your unit’s value will only increase over time.

A Private Retreat — Minutes from Laguna Seca

Especially if you’re a car guy or gal, here’s another big plus. Every Garage Unlimited of Monterey condo includes a mezzanine loft, which is the perfect place to create a personal retreat that could include a large-screen TV, built-in bar or other amenities. Think of spending Sundays tinkering with your cars, then kicking back to enjoy auto racing or a football game with friends that have similar interests!

And if you regularly participate in some of the showcases or motor-racing events associated with Monterey Car Week, Garage Unlimited of Monterey is the ideal place to conveniently and securely store your valuable vehicles.

Race Over for the Best Selection

Garage Unlimited of Monterey’s car and storage condos are going faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas night.

Already, over half of the 46 garage storage units have been sold — including all of the inventory over 2,000 square feet. However, there are still some great car condos of varying sizes to meet your specific needs.

Also, if you hurry, we’re offering a pre-construction incentive of $10/sq. ft. in tenant improvement allowances, which you can use any way you wish. Think of it as an extra stocking stuffer!



Take Your Garage Back! Monterey Car Condos nearly 50% pre-sold


Let’s face it — the garage isn’t what it used to be

The humble garage. When it was first conceived, it seemed like a fine idea: an enclosed space in which to park the family cars and protect them from heat and cold, rain and the occasional passing seagull. But somewhere along the way, the idea of a traditional attached garage has been run off the road.

Rather than hosting cars, garages have been outfitted with pool or ping pong tables or arcade games and transformed into an entertainment space. Or they have been made into home gyms, complete with a set of bar bells and maybe a treadmill that if only the person who bought them would use the darn things a bit more often, there would be no reason to go to the next higher pant size.

Guys have also gotten carried away and decided that it would be even better if they could use their garage as a makeshift shop for do-it-yourself auto service or modifications — filling the space with tools, test instruments and undrivable vehicles with their parts scattered all over for months at a time.

And in what little room may be left, your guy has likely squeezed in camping gear, sports equipment or what have you. In other words, just about anything that you won’t let him bring into the house, he stashes in the space where you’d like to simply park your car.

Ladies Love Garages Too

But lest you laugh a little too loudly, ladies, we see you looking longingly at your garage space as well.

Unless you’re a car gal — and there are a growing number of those today — your interest in the space may have nothing to do with motor vehicles. But we know that you’re filling it with boxes of Christmas ornaments, clothes and shoes you’ve removed from your closet but can’t part with, furniture, extra kitchen items, and who knows what else? Where does all this stuff come from?

In the meantime, your family’s cars are looking lonely and exposed parked in your driveway or at the curb.

Bring Your Cars in from the Cold

It’s time to take your garage back!

Garage Unlimited of Monterey offers unique Monterey garage storage atRyan Ranch near the airport. At Garage Unlimited, you’ll find car and storage condos ranging from about750 sq. ft. to 2,700 sq. ft. of space. This will let you clear out your home’s garage space, so you can finally park your cars where they belong.These garage condos are ideal for:

  • Storing and tinkering with cars or motorcycles to your heart’s delight
  • Storing a variety of household items such as seasonal decorations, extra furniture for a future vacation home, your kids’ college furnishings, boxes of personal files, and more
  • Storing business equipment or supplies
  • Parking a large luxury motorcoach, RV or boat

These spacious Monterey garage storageunits have ceilings that reach almost 26 feet and the roll-up doors have clear heights of approximately 14 feet. Further, because you’re purchasing a car condo — not a traditional self-storage unit — you can cash in on today’s historically low interest rates to keep your payments manageable. You also enjoy a likelihood of appreciation as property values rise around the Monterey Bay.

mezzanines in every unit

Further, every Garage Unlimited of Monterey unit is built with a mezzanine, which is the perfect place to create a luxurious personal retreat that might include a large-screen TV, built-in bar or other conveniences. Think of spending a Sunday afternoon in this luxury and convenience enjoying auto racing or football with friends with similar interests!


The Monterey Car Storage Condos Are Selling Fast

No doubt these car storage units sound like a great way to finally be able to use your garage at home. Then, you won’t be surprised by how fast these are selling.

Already, 19 out of the 46 garage storage units representing more than 28,000 sq. ft. of a total of 65,000 sq. ft. have been sold. And construction on the car and storage condos won’t even begin until April — with the opening set for next summer.

Don’t wait! Make the drive to Ryan Ranch this weekend while there’s still a good selection ofMonterey car condos — plus pre-construction incentives of $10/sq. ft. in tenant improvement allowances.

To learn more about Garage Unlimited of Monterey, please contact Ernie Lostrom of Lostrom & Company, at (831) 646-1000, or email



Golden Pacific Office Center Undergoing Major Renovation

winchesterAfter years as a sleepy office park along Winchester Boulevard near Santana Row, the Golden Pacific Office Center — typically referred to as the Comerica Bank building — is undergoing a major renovation. A new ownership group recently acquired the two-building, low-rise office complex at 1245-1275 South Winchester Blvd., which was built in the mid-1970s.

Plans are being developed to modernize the three-story, 74,000 sq. ft., mission-style office center into smart buildings, which will include a number of energy-saving features, including utilizing solar power, which will include a number of energy efficiency upgrades, including installation of a roof-top solar energy system which is expected to offset the majority of electricity consumption of the building. Over the next 12 months, asset manager, Archers Capital; development manager, Borelli Investment Company; and general contractor, SiliconX Construction, will lead the renovation process with a particular emphasis on enhancing traffic flow and improving visibility.

The update is especially timely because it will address the fast-growing demand for modern office space in Silicon Valley and particularly in West San Jose. The renovation will complement the City of San Jose’s planned sweeping redevelopment of Winchester Boulevard from Santana Row to Campbell.

Archers and Borelli Investment Company have tapped local architectural firm, AAI, to reimagine the office center and creative an attractive, efficient environment that will serve the needs of the community. The footprint of the two buildings should remain largely the same. Currently, Comerica Bank and Pacific Oaks Colleges are the major tenants in the office complex.

“Our Westside community is greatly in need of upgraded Class B office space,” said Buddy Parsons, president of Borelli Investment Company. “The rebranding of Golden Pacific Office Center is now underway. The office complex is halfway between Santana Row and downtown Campbell. We anticipate attracting tenants from both areas with our renovated smart buildings and our generous 8/1,000 parking ratio.”

Affordable spaces are available now beginning at approximately 475 sq. ft. The location is close to restaurants and retail services on Winchester Blvd. and in Santana Row and Westfield Valley Fair, which are minutes away. The complex also offers quicker commutes for employees with ready access to I-280 and I-880. For more information, contact Borelli Investment Company at (408) 453-4700.


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About Archers Capital

Archers Capital is a San Jose, California-based real estate investment firm that invests, develops and manages both commercial and residential properties. Focused on the greater San Jose Bay Area, Archers manages investments and creates value in renovating and repositioning existing buildings and ground-up development. For more information, please visit


About Borelli Investment Company

Borelli Investment Company is a San Jose, California-based real estate services firm that has provided property management, leasing and development services to the Silicon Valley and beyond for over 60 years. Every member at Borelli brings a professional approach to help owners and investors achieve their goals. For more information, please visit

Garage Unlimited of Monterey – Development Project

Garage Unlimited of Monterey is the perfect car and storage condos for auto enthusiasts, car collectors and others who need storage in Monterey.

Convenient Storage
This is the perfect place for you to store not only autos, motorcycles, RVs, and boats, but also business or personal equipment or other items.

Easily Accessible
Wide drive lanes and ample unloading zones let you quickly get what you need in or out of your condo.

Highly Secure
The facility is a completely fenced property with secure automated entrance gates, abundant lighting and cameras to protect valuable items.

Don’t Wait!

With only 46 units in the complex, the car and storage condos
at Garage Unlimited of Monterey are going fast!

Click to visit Garage Unlimited of Monterey.


Property Repositioning For Maximum Returns

7PropertyManagementSelling a property is not an easy task even for the most seasoned real estate agent. The best way you can make a dull or unattractive property worth buying is to reposition it by highlighting its positive points. Though reducing the sale price or rentals is the first thing that comes to mind as a property repositioning tactic, one also needs to understand market conditions and potential uses of the property to market it effectively. Different techniques have to be used for repositioning commercial and residential properties as target markets are varied. For real estate agents dealing in residential property, multiple family properties like apartments and condos are more profitable then single family dwellings. The most cost effective method of repositioning your property is to renovate its exterior infrastructure and increase its appeal.

Here are ways a property can be repositioned:

Study competition and market

Make a close study of other properties similar to yours in the market and make a comparative study about where they score in terms of service, location, amenities and size. Research existing market trends to see estimate how prices are likely to change in forthcoming years and position your property accordingly before prospective buyers. Based on the results of the study, understand the unique selling properties of your real estate and capitalize on them to target the best buyers.

Game plan for improvement

If the property for sale is shabby and unkempt it is not likely to attract any buyers except realtors looking for a cheap deal. If you want to attract families with children then it should be welcoming and well lit with well-kept gardens and clean amenities. Increase your property’s curb appeal by improving its interior and exteriors with fresh paint, replacing broken light fixtures, windows, cabinets and other inbuilt accessories.

Property management

Before you decide to reposition the properties in your portfolio as a real estate agent, determine how they are likely to be presented and the target group for whom it is being repositioned. All forms of property repositioning exercises are expensive and require creativity to keep it within budget. If you have multiple properties, then allot a project manager to manage each one as then vendors and materials can be managed properly and all work can be coordinated within specific time schedule.

Redesigning properties is the best way to increase its value and improve its competitiveness in the market. Before venturing on any repositioning exercise carry out market research and take opinion of experts to see if the expenditure is worthwhile and can be absorbed in the sale price.

Contact Borelli Investment Company today for all of your commercial real estate needs.

Four Responsibilities of a Property Manager

7PropertyManagementYou may be aware of the existence of property managers, but may not know about the exact responsibilities of a property manager. A property manager is usually hired to manage the daily operations pertaining to an investment in real estate. He or she can manage different types of properties ranging from large apartment complexes to compact single family homes. While a property manager’s responsibility may vary based on the clauses of his agreement or his salary, here are some of the fundamental responsibilities of a property manager.

  1. Responsibility for rent setting and collection: Property managers need to set the right level of rent so that tenants will be drawn to your property. They have a fair understanding about the market where a property is situated and also have to collect rent from the tenants on a monthly basis and enforcing the practice of late fees rigidly.
  1. Responsibility for tenants: Property managers are also responsible for marketing your properties and where they should advertise and what needs to be included in those ads. They also need to have a thorough understanding about what would attract the wannabe tenants so that they can recommend on how to do a makeover of the concerned property. A property manager is also responsible for sorting out the various prospective tent applications and seeks a tenant that would fit your property in the best possible manner. They conduct screening process that include checks like criminal background checks and credit checks and should know how to choose the right tenants for your property. A property manager is also responsible for handling the moving out process of the tenants.
  1. Responsibility for repair and maintenance: A property manager has to perform preventive property maintenance activities so that the property can function in the best of conditions. For instance, he or she is either personally in-charge or should hire a person to check for leaks, shovel snow, removal of trash and landscape. The aim of the maintenance activities is to keep the existing tenants satisfied and to also attract new tenants. If any repair work is required, a property manager should have an efficient network of carpenters, plumbers and electricians to take care of them.
  1. Managing maintenance and budget records: A property manager should function within the stipulate budget for the property. If there is an emergency situation where the physical structure or the tenants are in danger, a property manager can use his discretionary powers to order for repairs without looking at the budget. He should also keep records of details like insurance costs, cost of maintenance, complaints if any, requests for maintenance, lease and repair costs.

Borelli Investment Company provides superior Property Management for all sizes of commercial space: office, retail, and industrial are our specialties.  Contact us today to talk about your property and how we can help manage it for the best possible ROI.

Hire a Professional to Help Lease a Retail Space

youngcoupleThe task of leasing retail space for business could be an intimidating one, especially for business owners taking such a decision for the very first time. You are typically asked for a personal guarantee and irrespective of how much and what kind of protection you offer, there is still quite a bit to consider. Hiring a professional to help lease a retail space can be quite helpful. He/she can get you around by taking care of some of the fundamentals of leasing. There are several areas where you need to exercise caution, before you sign any lease agreement. A credible professional along with an attorney can guide you well so that you get the best deal for your business.

Professional leasing services

Here are some aspects that a professional leasing agent will take care of:

  1. They will keep looking till they find a minimum of two to three spaces that could work for your business. This extra effort pays off at the time of negotiating dividends.
  2. They will not let you sign any lease till a clear (all inclusive) expense picture is offered by the landlord. This also includes maintenance.
  3. You are likely to avoid getting emotionally attached till after favorable lease terms have been negotiated. A professional lease agent can help you get an idea about whether customers will like the location or not. This is a very important aspect when it comes to leasing space for retail purposes.
  4. The professional will demand the lease’s pro-forma copy immediately and go through it in detail. You might not be very well informed about the ways in which commercial leases are executed. This is where professionals can help as they understand that every commercial lease agreement is different.

Better comparison

A professional lease agent will work by creating a computer-generated spreadsheet that compares the details of various prospective properties. This analysis will include factors like leased area space (square footage), per unit lease cost, incremental expenses such as maintenance, minimum term requires, pros and cons of leasing a property and so on. Such analytical notes will be very useful later if in case there is a tie-breaker and you are taking the final call with regards to which property to lease.

In this way, a lease agent helps make the entire process a systematic one and helps narrow down the best options for your retail business.

Contact Borelli Investment Company today and find out how we can help you reach your commercial real estate goals.

Benefits of Real Estate Consulting Services

7PropertyManagementBy seeking professional help in matters of sale and purchase of real estate, you can transform complex and critical real estate matters and make them growth opportunities. Whether entrepreneurs, lenders, corporate groups or investors; professional real estate consulting firms offer their experience, knowledge and strategic planning services to help these parties take better decisions. The typical services offered by real estate consulting companies include market studies, due diligence, lease advisory, portfolio services and more.

Professional help

For helping clients accomplish success in their ventures and add to the value of the business, real estate consulting firms make use of modern analytics and technology to come up with deeper, revolutionary insights in various areas like portfolio optimization, due diligence and valuation. This helps companies in handling critical real estate deals in a more systematic manner, so that it proves profitable in the long run.

With a detailed deep understanding of the relationship between capital markets, asset valuation, and today’s continually shifting real estate market issues, real estate consulting firms give innovative ideas to their clients with respect to enhancing their outcomes and getting past key issues.

Briefly, these are the activities that a real estate consulting firm undertakes for the client:

  • Evaluation of huge, diverse portfolios.
  • Executing single-property analysis.
  • Identifying and undertaking valuations of intangible and tangible real estate assets like in-place leases, below and above market leases, tenant relationships etc.

Those who seek the services of professional real estate consulting firms on a regular basis include

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lenders
  • Investors
  • Intermediaries
  • Operators
  • Corporate realty groups across various industries

Consulting process

A growing number of buyers have started to turn to independent or a firm of property consultants that can assist in the purchase of a property. Companies and individuals identify several benefits of employing services of such property consultants.

Property consultants first carry out a complete inspection of a property that the client wishes to buy. When the inspection is completed and the consultant records all important details about the property, he/she then researches the real estate market to determine the property’s existing market value.

If the consultant hired by you uses realistic valuation principles, he/she would be in a position to provide you with a reasonably accurate market range with respect to the sale of the property. The range is determined on the basis of actual sales proof, and not randomly.

Contact Borelli Investment Company today and let us help you obtain your commercial real estate goals.