Moneymaking Benefits of Office Remodeling

stock_laptopCommercial remodeling projects are not only budgetary but these are also hectic and daunting. Considering office renovation is like preparing to sign a business deal that may or may not end up well. For making office renovation profitable, you need expert’s advice as well as an understanding of how office remodeling can turn into a moneymaking business for good.

1.  Attracting New Hires

IT professionals want to work in organizations like Facebook and Google not only because of their services in IT but also because of their work environment. Google attracted more talent from all around the world after the release of ‘The Internship’. If you already use social media content marketing and social media recruitment techniques, then you can easily attract new hires with photos of your remodeled office.

2.  Demanding Higher Price for Services

Perception and first impression are the strongest power-players in a business deal. Your customers choose you above other businesses because they conceive your business to be ‘more premium’ and ‘efficient’ than others. Office remodeling completely changes the perception of your business in customer’s mindset. For the first-time buyers, a perfect professional environment is all you need to win at least 50% of the contract.

3.  Motivating Employees for Productivity

A majority of the companies include gym, gaming zone, and fresh colors for office renovation. These remodeling steps are not for making office ‘a fun place’ but to affect employee psychologies and motivate the employees for more productivity.  For example, neutral gray and white offices are now considered boring. Similarly, cubicles take more space in offices and decrease intra-organizational communication. Open space office desks reflect modern and more productive organizational infrastructure.

4.  Expanding Employee Base

If you are considering hiring new employees in your company or add up a department of IT or maintenance but lack enough space at workplace, then office remodeling has good solutions for you. For example, open space offices can easily make room for three to eight extra employees on a floor.

5.  Retaining Employees and Customers

Office remodeling is one of the most modern keys for employee and customer retention. It not only reduces new hire and training costs but also makes it easier for you to negotiate with your customers.

6.  Expanding Your Online Customer Base

Commercial companies like grocery item manufacturing companies use office remodeling as a tool to attract new customers. For example, if company A manufactures soft drinks, then the company may associate the concept of ‘Employee Care’ with their in-house services. Similarly, a women’s magazine may include gym and spa in office remodeling project and associate it with ‘Fit Women’ or ‘Women Power’ for corporate effectiveness.

The commercial property remodeling industry has increased by 3.3% and earned revenue of $59bn from 2010 to 2015, according to IBIS World. The report further reveals that high consumer spending on office remodeling, decrement in office rental vacancies, and bigger corporate profits will lead to robust increment in the industry of commercial office remodeling.


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