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Providing The Right Remedy at Forest Avenue Medical Center

  • Replaced residential management company that lacked the expertise to provide needed services at medical office facility
  • Completed numerous capital improvements required to maintain a professional building appearance
  • Evaluated existing vendors, and reduced costs while enhancing quality of service
  • Reestablished lines of communication that had been broken with association owners

With business condominiums one of the hottest trends in commercial real estate today, there has never been a more pressing need for experienced association management. A good management company helps a business condominium’s board of directors by enforcing all CC&Rs and association bylaws, collecting dues, maintaining the overall value of the property, and keeping the owners well-informed. Borelli Investment Company is one of the leading association management firms in Silicon Valley, with more than 750,000 square feet of business condominium space under management.


Members of the Forest Avenue Medical Association in San Jose were facing a major challenge. The association’s medical office building located near O’Connor Hospital was in need of a significant renovation. The management company that the condominium owners were using specialized in residential condominiums. As a result, numerous problems had developed—building equipment and the structure itself were not being maintained adequately, and owners were not being notified on a timely basis. In general, a lot of key tasks were slipping through the cracks.


Borelli Investment Company property managers have extensive experience with a variety of commercial property, including medical office condominiums. A Borelli team carefully inspected the Forest Avenue Medical Center with various vendors and specialists to identify maintenance issues and spot potential code violations. Vendor contracts were reviewed, and one-on-one meetings helped set expectations and requirements so work could begin. All existing vendors were given the opportunity to meet performance expectations, in order to continue their relationship with the association.

Once the capital improvements were underway, Borelli Investment Company managers were in constant contact to resolve problems, supervise walk-throughs, review invoices, and keep the owners informed personally and through a regular newsletter.


Today, Forest Avenue Medical Center has been extensively renovated. The changes include new carpeting, spotless hallways, well-appointed lobbies, gleaming chandeliers, and lush landscaping. “We have been very impressed by Borelli’s thoroughness and professional approach,” said Dr. George Yellich, of the Forest Avenue Medical Association. “Our building looks like new again.”

Although the overall impression is now one of quality and professionalism, more is still to be done—including upgrading the elevator, improving the underground garage, and ensuring that all safety concerns have been met. Every aspect of the building’s operations has been scrutinized, from building security to janitorial service. Costs have been reduced, while the quality of work has been enhanced.

Most importantly, the responsiveness and interpersonal communication that was missing under the previous management company is now being provided, consistently and reliably. Borelli property managers are on a first-name basis with the Forest Avenue owners, and are regularly on site and available for owners to consult with regarding their own tenant and leasing needs. By continually applying its expertise and experience, Borelli Management Company’s objective is to proactively manage the long-term value of this asset to achieve the best return.