For Tenants

Putting Tenants First

Borelli Investment Company has been involved in property management for virtually our entire 50 years in business. We pride ourselves in providing the most professional services possible to tenants.

  • As a locally owned company, we offer quick decisions and responsive service.
  • When you call or e-mail us, you’ll reach empowered professionals who can often solve problems on the spot.
  • We have a property maintenance tracking system to ensure that issues don’t “fall through the cracks.”
  • You’ll find the flexibility you are looking for—smaller spaces, shorter leases, and ownership opportunities, including tax-advantaged business condominiums and leases with an option to buy.
  • We’re accountable. We don’t have a New York or Chicago office to hide behind when you need service. We just get it done.

At Borelli Investment Company, we know the value of good tenants, and we offer you the respect you deserve.